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Rabbi Attacked in Violent Robbery in Buenos Aires, Argentina

An Argentinian Rabbi suffered a violent robbery today after being intercepted by a group criminals when he was leaving his home in the center of Buenos Aires City, Argentina, heading to the synagogue to pray.

Communitary sources reveld that the victim is the Rabbi Daniel Sutton Dabbah, of the community of Od Iosef Jay at Buenos Aires, who after going out of his home in Abasto neighborhood was surprised by the thieves.

“The Rabbi was surprised in the way out of his house, when he was in his car going to pray, for men approached him and enter in his vehicle”, said a close to the victim source in statements to AJN Agency.

Sutton Dabbah tried to get the criminals out of the vehicle, but «he get hit in the head and in the face», According to one of the sources., the Rabbi was tied and they took the keys from his house, went up and tried to open it but finally stole the car. He was left a few blocks from the home.

The Rabbi Sutton Dabbah was hospitalized and staying interned in the Italian Hospital of Buenos Aires, with facial wounds.

Source: https://agenciaajn.com/noticia/argentine-rabbi-was-attacked-in-violent-robbery-at-buenos-aires-argentina-125395