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U.S. Army Lieutenant with 3 Million TikTok Followers Posts Holocaust Jokes

Freihofer Army.jpg

A commissioned officer in the United States Army made jokes about the Holocaust in a video posted to his nearly 3 million followers on TikTok, prompting angry calls for the military to kick him out.

Second Lieutenant Nathan Freihofer, a field artillery officer stationed at Fort Stewart, Georgia, posted a video that was later removed by TikTok.

In the brief clip, Freihofer jokes that of all the Pokemon characters, Jews would be most fond of ‘Ash’ – a reference to Ash Ketchum.

Freihofer appears eager to provoke a reaction, telling his audience: ‘If you get offended, get the f*** out because it’s a joke.’

He ends the clip by saying: ‘Don’t be a p***y.’

TikTok Army.jpg

Freihofer is considered a social media influencer. The videos he posts to TikTok which show him lifting weights, singing songs, making jokes, and going about his military service regularly attract millions of views.  

A TikTok representative stated the clip was removed by the company for violating its policies against hate speech. A spokesperson for the US Army referred the matter to Freihofer’s unit – the 18th Airborne Corps.

Reaction on social media was swift as outraged Twitter users demanded that the Army take action against Freihofer.