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Second Jewish Man Hit With a Stone In Vicious Attack

An Orthodox Jewish man was hit in the face with a rock on Thursday, in the second violent anti-Semitic attack this week in the Brooklyn’s neighborhood of Crown Heights.

The Chasidic man, who works in deliveries, was in a truck that stopped in traffic on Brooklyn Avenue near Prospect Place at approximately 5:30 pm on Thursday.

A group of African American youths approached the truck and threw a stone into the truck, breaking the glass of the driver side window. The rock hit the Jewish man in the eye, and he sustained cuts to his face.

The victim filed a report with the New York Police Departement. He did not go to the hospital.

A police official told COLlive.com that the NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force will be investigating the incident as a possible bias crime.

Inspector John Buttacavoli, Commanding Officer of the NYPD’s 77th Precinct, said the NYPD will be stepping up patrols in the area after the recent violent incidents.

Brooklyn North Chief Jeffrey Maddrey told Chanina Sperlin of the CHJCC that he will be sending extra patrols to the neighborhood in response to the recent uptick in crime, Sperlin told COLlive.

“The NYPD is taking this very seriously,” Sperlin said.

As reported on COLlive.com, an Orthodox Jewish man from Crown Heights was badly injured when a non-Jewish black man threw a stone at him in Lincoln Terrace Park in Brooklyn.

“In New York, we have zero tolerance for bigotry and hate-fueled violence of any kind, and I am directing the State Police Hate Crimes Task Force to provide the NYPD with any resources necessary to investigate this incident and bring the individual responsible to justice,” stated New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Source: https://collive.com/second-jewish-man-hit-with-a-stone-in-vicious-attack/