Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Another Neo-Nazi Rally Takes Place in Florida

A video taken Saturday showed a group displaying Nazi symbols on a bridge in Pinellas County. In the video, a group of six people can be seen holding the Nazi flag and anti-abortion banners.

One of the banners said “End abortion, Save white babies.” Another had the word problem with the Star of David, a Jewish symbol, on it while the rest was obscured by the Pinellas Trail bridge sign.

“Another Nazi display, right here in Pinellas,” wrote Eric Lynn, Democratic candidate for Florida’s 13th District in the U.S. House of Representatives. “We must all condemn these acts of Antisemitism as hate must have no home in Pinellas, Florida, or in USA. If you don’t speak out against hate, antisemitism, & Nazis, they will keep coming back.”

This would be the second appearance of white supremacists in the Tampa Bay area in recent weeks.

On July 22, a group of men also held Nazi symbols and pro-DeSantis flags outside Turning Point USA Student Action Summit, a conservative event for students, in Tampa. They also made racial remarks against a Black counterprotestor.

The group eventually left after students attending the event confronted them.

The actions have continuously drawn sharp responses from state politicians. Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried, who is Jewish, wrote Saturday that white supremacists and Nazis “have no place in Florida” and called on Gov. Ron DeSantis to denounce the demonstrations.

“Hate must not be met with silence,” Fried said.

Two other gatherings happened in central Florida earlier this year with people carrying antisemitic propaganda in Orange County.