Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Swastika, Nazi ‘SS’ and “White Lives Matter” Graffiti Found at Colorado Springs Bus Stop

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Nazi symbols were found spray-painted on a bus stop in Colorado Springs.

They were discovered Tuesday morning at the intersection of Kiowa and Wahsatch near downtown and were cleaned by city employees by Tuesday afternoon.

A swastika, the SS initials representing the Nazi party, and the phrase “white lives matter” were written on the sidewalk.

Graffiti on public property is illegal; the Colorado Springs Police Department and the city of Colorado Springs say this message is unacceptable.

Luis Valencia Jr. was one of the first people to bring this to the public’s attention. He took pictures and posted them to Facebook. “I felt like the community needs to know that people with these ideas are out there and they’re among us all,” Valencia said.

As of Tuesday afternoon, police did not have any information on possible suspects.