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Moroccan Man Gets Only a One Year Prison Sentence Over Fake Bomb at Kosher Eatery

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A 46-year-old man Moroccan man identified only as Hassan N. who placed a fake bomb in front of a kosher restaurant in the Dutch capital was sentenced today to an eight-month prison term.

In January, he placed a cardboard box with no explosives and bearing the logo of the Heineken beer brand in front of the HaCarmel eatery; the box had masking tape fastening wires and a black electric trigger switch to its top.

He was found via his DNA on the wires and security camera footage, the NIW Dutch-Jewish weekly reported.

Hassan N. was previously convicted of insulting a worker of the national railway company, NS, by calling him a “cancer Jew.”

Herman Loonstein, the lawyer representing the owners of the restaurant, the Bar-On family, told NIW the sentence was “very light” and would not prevent a recurrence of such acts.