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French Prosecutors Charge Founder of Website Listing Prominent Jews and Saying ‘They Are Everywhere’

Public prosecutors in Paris have indicted the founder of a website that has stoked controversy by listing Jewish personalities in French society under the heading, “They are Everywhere.”

Samuel Goujon, 36, has been indicted on charges of public insult on the grounds of origin, ethnicity, race or religion; public provocation to discrimination, hatred or violence; and public provocation to commit willful attacks on life.

The website, which is no longer accessible, stated that it was presenting a “duly verified census of French and international personalities” in the areas of media, politics, the economy and culture, each of whom was assigned a short biography and photo. They were all – or mostly – Jewish.

The website’s address, jesuispartout.com (“I am everywhere”), alluded to an antisemitic weekly magazine circulating in the 1930s.

Interior Minister Gérald Damanin told reporters that “the group led by Goujon has contravened French law banning all incitement to discriminate against a person or group because of their origin.”

Earlier Pharos, a French platform that enables Internet users to report online content they believe to be illegal, received numerous complaints about the website.

The site was also identified by a Jewish-run blog encouraging people to report antisemitic behavior and speech.

Darmanin, who called the site “deeply scandalous and nauseating,” then announced that he had reported the site to prosecutors to begin legal proceedings.

The online hate division of the Paris public prosecutor’s office opened an investigation, leading to the closure of the website and the indictment of its founder.