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Brandeis University Students & Professors End Up on Antisemitic Website

A startling discovery at Brandeis University after the images of at least a half-dozen students and professors appeared on a white nationalist website. The photos were posted on the Vanguard News Network Forum, in a thread that mocked Jews’ for their appearance, the Associated Press reported. There are hundreds of other images posted in the thread.

“Honestly, one is horrified. Being a Jewish historian, as I am, it brings back memories from a different day – a different country,” Jonathan Sarna told WBZ-TV.

The Jewish Studies professor says one of his students alerted him that his photo was linked to the racist website openly mocking the appearance of Jews. “The deeper one gets into the website, the more sinister it becomes,” he said.

Brandeis University sent an email to its student body saying it’s investigating – adding there’s no direct threat to campus. One student said it’s difficult to not worry, being enrolled at a predominantly Jewish institution.

“It’s certainly a threat, but I think the university and the security takes it seriously,” said student Humberto Sorares.

The students and faculty who were targeted on the website appear to be a part of a Jewish leadership program at Brandeis University. Some students say this is an opportunity to stand up – and speak out against the hate.

“I think it’s sad, but it’s not a time to be cynical about it. It’s a time to organize, mobilize and resist,” said Elias Rosenfeld. And Professor Sarna agreed. “Here, we are being told they’re watching us. It’s important to say, ‘Hey, OK, we’re watching you too!’”

Source: https://boston.cbslocal.com/2019/08/22/waltham-brandeis-university-anti-semitic-website/