Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Swastikas Deface Virginia Neighborhood

Swastikas were painted on the street in front of five homes on and near Blount Point Road, according to police.

Residents tell News 3 all of the houses had political yard signs for the same person — Danny Diggs — who is running for state senate.

“To me it’s just a little outrageous that somebody does this over a political agenda,” said Bobby Supplee, who woke up Friday to a swastika painted in front of his house. “That’s not something you would expect to see in front of our house in a neighborhood in Newport News.”

News 3 reached out to Diggs, who said in part, “The act of any individual or group to deface our signs, or intimidate our supporters, with antisemitic imagery is disgraceful.”

Eric Maurer with the United Jewish Community of the Virginia Peninsula called the incident alarming but applauded the quick action of the city to have them removed.

“We know that hate will happen in a community, but the real measure of strength is how a community responds when it does happen,” said Maurer.

Police are asking anyone who may have video footage of the incidents to call in.

Source: https://www.wtkr.com/news/newport-news-police-investigate-swastikas-painted-by-homes-with-danny-diggs-yard-signs