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Palestinian Rioters Burn Star of David, Swastika

Palestinian rioters near the evacuated Evyatar outpost put up a flaming wooden Star of David with a swastika inside it during riots on Saturday night that have occurred on a nightly basis in recent months, according to Palestinian media.

The rioters threw explosives, burned tires, and pointed laser lights at the abandoned outpost during the nightly riots, which the Palestinians refer to as the “night confusion.” In the past, night confusion units along the Gaza border have used burning tires and throwing explosives to cause nightly disturbances.

Video reportedly from the scene on Saturday night showed Palestinians surrounding the swastika holding flaming torches.

Additional video shared on Saturday night showed fire and a large explosion, with Palestinian media reporting that a sound barrel had been detonated.

Palestinians call the site of the Evyatar outpost “Jabal Al-Sabih” or “The Morning Mountain,” because the sunlight strikes it early.

In early July, residents of Evyatar evacuated the outpost after reaching an agreement with the government, in which an army base will be placed on the rocky hilltop.

Ahmed al-Haj Ali, a senior Hamas official from Nablus, said the evacuation of the Evyatar outpost was a victory for the Beita residents and the Palestinian “resistance.” The settlers were forced to leave the outpost because of the “resistance,” he added.

All of the structures constructed by the residents will remain at the site while the Civil Administration evaluates whether the hilltop, whose ownership status is unclear and is thus considered survey land, can be classified as state land.

Palestinians from the village of Beita and Yatma claim it belongs to them. The Samaria Regional Council and the Nahala Movement, which spearheaded the Evyatar initiative, have disputed that claim and have argued that it can be classified as state land.

Should the Civil Administration investigation determine that the Evyatar hilltop can be classified as state land, a yeshiva will be placed at the site, and plans to legalize the outpost as a neighborhood of the Kfar Tapuah settlement and/or as an entirely new settlement will be advanced.