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‘Urban Dictionary’ Defines Zionism as Fascism, a Common Practice Amongst Antisemites

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UPDATE: Urban Dictionary has removed the definition listing from their website after receiving thousands of complaints.

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Urban Dictionary has been criticized after sharing a definition of Zionism which compares it to fascism.

The website, which allows people to publish definitions of slang words and phrases, was accused of hosting “textbook antisemitism” by a Jewish group this week.

Urban Dictionary linked to a definition of anti-Zionism submitted in 2005, in response to a tweet.

It says: “Zionism is in no way connected to antisemitism. To be anti zionist is to be anti fascist. Zionism is based on the idea that millenia old literary myth is the basis for nationhood and that religion(which is a matter of choice) is genetically predetermined, both of which are clearly shite. Zionists believe that they can turn up in a country and kick out the indigenous population, as did Hitler. Zionists are fascist”

Calling on the site to remove the definition, the Campaign Against Antisemitism said: “Comparing Zionism to Nazism is textbook antisemitism, which has become all too common on Urban Dictionary.

“Those behind the website have been slow to act against racism on their platform, but in the past we have successfully pressured them to delete gratuitously antisemitic entries by going after their advertisers.

“We will not hesitate to do so again if Urban Dictionary does not remove this entry and prove that it is capable of administering a site that doesn’t incite hatred.”

Urban Dictionary has been approached for comment.