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Neo-Nazi Propaganda Distributed Throughout Montana Town

Copies of a CD containing ‘neo-Nazi’ propaganda were sent to over a dozen homes in Miles City, Montana.

For Miles City resident Cory Cheguis, it was mail he neither expected nor wanted.

“My wife calls me and says there’s a weird disc in the mail and asked if somebody’s pulling a prank on me. And I said ah, no idea,” said Cheguis on Sunday at Miles City Fire Rescue.

Cheguis was mailed the CD last Thursday. It had no return address, so he had no idea where it came from.

“The postage on mine, it was scrubbed off, you couldn’t tell where it came from. I don’t know if it was through printing but the letter itself wasn’t physically made out to us. It was just made to our address and it appeared to me [to be written] with a typewriter,” Cheguis said.

What’s truly disturbing was the contents of the CD which contained over 100 mixed media files including a picture labeled “about-this-disc.”

“Plugged it into my car and it was some neo-Nazi propaganda sort of thing,” said Cheguis.

The files contained audio recordings and music that support the neo-Nazi movement, along with audio recordings of Hitler’s autobiographical manifesto called “Mein Kampf.”

Cheguis wasn’t the only recipient of this CD.

“Ironically, there’s all kinds of people in town that got it. Then I talked to my neighbor across the street, and he had it. He was like yea I called the cops,” Cheguis said.

Chelsey Oddy also found the disc in her delivered mail.

“I really didn’t think much of it ‘cuz the weird thing is it was postmarked from Casper,” said Oddy.

Oddy has an aunt in Casper, so she figured that’s where the CD was from, until she checked Facebook.

“And that popped up on one of my friend’s feeds, through Miles City Police Department’s Facebookthat said they’ve had calls on this,” Oddy said.

The Miles City Police Department posted a message on their Facebook page, stating that the matter is under investigation.

Oddy is just relieved she didn’t have to see the contents of the CD.

“I’m really glad I wasn’t able to open it or look into it,” said Oddy.

Source: https://www.ktvq.com/neighborhood-news/miles-city-custer-county/dozens-of-miles-city-residents-mailed-cd-containing-neo-nazi-propaganda