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Neo-Nazi Bikers Banned from Minnesota Brewery

Symbols commonly attached to white supremacist and Nazi cultures were spotted at a well-known brewery in Northeast Minneapolis during a popular “Moto Nite” for the second month in a row, with the establishment stating they will not be welcome in the future.

Bauhaus Brew Labs, located at 1315 Tyler St. NE in Minneapolis, along with The Moto Collective, host a “Moto Nite” the second Thursday of each month – a gathering for enthusiasts and riders since 2017.

It was at the July event when, “a group of people were asked to leave for wearing hats with Nazi symbols on them,” according to a statement provided by Bauhaus on Friday.

According to Bauhaus, a similar incident happened at its August gathering on Aug. 10, noting in a statement that, “Unfortunately, someone with the same symbols on display made it into last night’s event, which is absolutely unacceptable. As some folks noticed, this person was conversing with members of The Moto Collective who, upon noticing a lapel pin featuring hate symbols on it, immediately ended the conversation and asked them to leave.” 

Bauhaus said in the statement the person has since been banned from future events, and it intends to “double our amount of hired security,” for the September iteration.

“We want to make it EXTREMELY clear that we do not welcome, support, or condone the ideology represented by those symbols. It is disgusting and has no place at our brewery or anywhere else. Our event partners, The Moto Collective, are in complete agreement, and, together, we want to make it extremely clear to anyone who would show up with these symbols on display that they are not wanted at our events,” Bauhaus said in a statement.


Further changes to its Moto Nite policies will include an entry to the event where riders will be checked for any hate symbols on their bike or clothing, with staff turning away those deemed inappropriate.

“If anyone refused entry or asked to leave for these reasons opts to cause a scene or refuses to leave, they can expect to be publicly called out over loudspeakers at the event,” Bauhaus said in a statement. “These events are attended by an overwhelming majority of people who do not want to see Nazis, racists, or any of their ilk at our brewery, and we think anyone who fits those bills would very quickly find out just how unwelcome they are.”

The brewery states it is, “not calling for a mob response,” but wants to ensure that, “anyone wearing hate symbols at our event to feel appropriately uncomfortable and unwelcome.”

Source: https://www.fox9.com/news/bauhaus-brewery-nazi-white-supremacist-symbols-motorcycle-night