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Nazi Political Applications Handed Out in Indiana


Nazi political party applications were being handed out by men wearing Nazi flag armbands in Indiana this weekend, according to a viral post on Twitter.

Twitter user @GoldvesterCos shared a picture of the two men on Saturday, saying they were handing out antisemitic pamphlets and “Nazi political party” applications in Henryville, Indiana, a small town around 20 miles north of Louisville.

The picture shows the men, dressed in white shirts with armbands bearing the Nazi flag, standing by a table covered with papers.

The flag of Nazi Germany, which consists of a black swastika in a white circle over a red background, has become one of the most potent symbols of hate worldwide and has been adopted by white supremacists, especially neo-Nazis, since the end of the Second World War.

Nazis in Henryville, Indiana today. (Near Louisville KY) Handing out anti-Semitic pamphlets and ‘nazi political party’ applications. The woman was there too and apparently one of them is a marine. I’m so disgusted these people live here pic.twitter.com/g9N42kqhzi— jentucky fried chicken (@GoldvesterCos) August 8, 2020

“Nazis in Henryville, Indiana today,” the tweet said. “Handing out anti-Semitic pamphlets and ‘nazi political party’ applications.”

Alongside screenshots of the Facebook profiles of two men and a woman, @GoldvesterCos added: “The woman was there too and apparently one of them is a marine. I’m so disgusted these people live here.”

Tobias Anderson.jpeg
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Dylan Anderson, one of the men identified in the tweet, confirmed to Newsweek that he was one of the men pictured wearing the Nazi armband. “I was exercising my First Amendment right of freedom of speech and right to peacefully assemble,” he said.

“Multiple people came over under their own will and ask questions and took literature and pamphlets. We were polite and we were not rude or used foul language or racial slurs. I have just as much rights as anyone else to voice my opinions.”

The woman, when contacted by Newsweek, said she has “no idea” who the men in the picture are. Her Facebook page was later taken down. The other man identified in the tweet added: “I have no idea who they are.”