Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Swastika Found Inside University Of Indianapolis Dorm Room

The University of Indianapolis says a swastika was found on the wall of a dorm room Monday night, as new students moved in. The school does not yet know the source of the act.

School officials, in a letter posted online, say they’re working with the Indianapolis Jewish Community Relations Council on an appropriate response.

“Our approach to this incident was to immediately protect the students and ensure that they were provided alternate accommodations, start an in-depth investigation to review the thousands of individuals from outside organizations that rented our housing facilities over the summer, and to determine who else had access to the room,” the letter states.

David Sklar, assistant director of the local Jewish Community Relations Council, says the two students moving into the room were Jewish-Israeli. But until they learn more from the investigation, Sklar says they can’t be sure if it was targeted or not.

“But you know, either way, with the environment in which we’re in, with some of the things that we’ve seen happen around the country recently, it’s immensely important that when these types of things happen people report them to their proper authorities, bring them to the attention of folks that need to know about these things,” Sklar says.

University officials say both students moving into the room were relocated to guarantee their safety.

The school also says professionals in its counseling center are available to meet with anyone affected by the incident.