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Man Pushes Baby Stroller, Hurls “Dirty Jew” Slurs at Young Family

Police are investigating after a Jewish family was subjected to an antisemitic attack while on a day out in St Albans.

A video taken by one of the victims shows a stranger launch the unprovoked attack, calling the family “dirty Jews” and kicking an advertising board towards them.

Michael, the man who filmed the alleged hate crime and did not wish to give his surname, said the incident unfolded while he, his in-laws and their baby were sitting outside a coffee shop on St Peter’s Street in St Albans on Sunday.

The man walked past and “shoved the pram rather aggressively with the infant in it”.

When the shocked family demanded why, the man simply said it was because they were “dirty Jews”.

Source: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/antisemitic-jews-dirty-st-albans-police-video-assault-labour-jeremy-corbyn-a9040191.html

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