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Actor Jamie Foxx Issues Apology to Jewish Community After Antisemitic Leaning Message

Jamie Foxx has issued an apology after deleting a controversial Instagram post, expressing his “love” and “support” for the Jewish community. The actor, known for his roles in films such as Ray and Django Unchained, was accused of antisemitism by internet users due to the post in question.

The post in question featured a message from Foxx that read, “They killed this guy named Jesus…What do you think they’ll do to you??!!” This statement quickly led to accusations of antisemitism directed towards Foxx.

The phrase “they killed this guy named Jesus” was interpreted by some as an antisemitic reference, suggesting that the entire Jewish people were responsible for the death of Jesus Christ.

In response to the backlash, Foxx promptly deleted the post and issued an apology on Saturday. He expressed regret for offending anyone with his choice of words, stating, “I now realize that my words have caused offense, and I am sorry. It was never my intention. I love and support the Jewish community.”

The 55-year-old actor, who is currently recovering from a recent hospitalization, also revealed that he wrote the message in question after being betrayed by a “fake friend.” Foxx emphasized that when he referred to “they” in the post, he meant nothing more than the specific individual who deceived him. He reiterated his love for everyone.

The controversy surrounding Foxx’s Instagram post was raised by the anti-antisemitism organization StopAntisemitism. The organization drew parallels between Foxx’s post and previous incidents of antisemitism, such as Kanye West’s admiration for Adolf Hitler.

Foxx’s apology comes at a time when public figures are increasingly being held accountable for their actions and statements on social media. The power and reach of platforms like Instagram can amplify the impact of their words, making it essential for celebrities to exercise caution and sensitivity.

It remains to be seen how this incident will affect Foxx’s public image and career. However, by promptly addressing the situation and expressing remorse, he has taken a step towards acknowledging the potential harm caused by his words and attempting to make amends.

Source: https://uksnackattack.co.uk/american-actor-jamie-foxx-apologizes-after-being-accused-of-antisemitism