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Jewish Students Threatened at Knifepoint In Australia

Jewish Students from the Leibler Yavneh College in Australia were traveling on a public bus when they were abused with antisemitic obscenities by a knife-wielding man on Thursday.

A student in Grade 9, aged 14-15 years old, recounted how they and 10 of their friends were accosted by the man. 

“Me and about 10 other Leibler Yavneh College students, some of which were primary school kids were getting on the 604 bus on the corner of Clarence St. and Brentani outside our school at around 4:20, this Thursday,” the student explained. “But when we sat down, the only other passenger was sitting at the very back of the bus mumbling to himself.

“We noticed that he was mentioning Jews, money, and drugs, and we were ignoring him. However, he was getting louder and louder, to the point of shouting ‘Nazi’ and my friends heard him call himself a Nazi.” 

In describing the self-proclaimed “Nazi”, the student said, “He was speaking in a very heavy Eastern European accent.” 

“Then out of his bag, he pulled a massive, serrated knife approximately 6 inches in length.”

Aware of the danger, the students immediately alerted the bus driver of the situation but their ordeal didn’t end there. 

“One of the boys on the bus told everyone to run and get off, and we were and yelling at the bus driver ‘open the door, he has a knife.’ The driver let us out, before the bus stop, but the man followed us off the bus.

“We were running so we were ahead of him, but he got a soccer ball out of his bag and threw it at us. He then walked down a side street away from us.

“We got back on the same bus at the Glen Huntly bus stop, at around 4:25-4:30. Thankfully no one was hurt, just very shaken up.”

Source: https://www.jpost.com/diaspora/antisemitism/article-753746