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Former Chief of Staff to Brooklyn DA Under Investigation for Antisemitic Harassment

UPDATE – March 24, 2024:

Maritza Ming, a controversial top aide to Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez, has left the office to work at a personal-injury law firm following accusations of antisemitism and other misconduct, The Post has learned. 

Ming’s departure comes eight months after The Post first reported allegations by multiple current and former staffers that as Gonzalez’s chief of staff she badmouthed Jewish employees, bullied underlings, misused office staff and resources, and failed to properly account for her time, among other complaints; more here.


Maritza Mejia-Ming (left) pictured with former DA Ken Thompson (center) and DA Eric Gonzalez (right)

A former chief of staff to one of New York City’s leading prosecutors will face scrutiny as an investigation begins into accusations of discrimination, abusive behavior, improper use of state resources and bigoted statements.

Brooklyn’s District Attorney Eric Gonzalez told his staff in an internal memo that he and they “need to do more” after the New York Post reported last week that staffers said the recently promoted “confidential executive ADA” Maritza Ming, 51, had engaged in a range of unprofessional acts, some which might place her in legal jeopardy.

Ming is accused of calling her Jewish co-workers “privileged,” claiming that there were “too many Jews in power.” Other allegations include bullying, insults, using profanity, trying to start a fistfight at a retirement party and ordering others to do personal errands. This range of conduct allegedly inspired many in the office to resign.

Employees for Gonzalez said they were afraid to report the abuse since those who handled Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) cases reported to Ming.

The District Attorney, responding in his memo, stated that “change is needed to address” the problem. He said he would bring in an outside consultant and that future officers focusing on discrimination claims would report directly to him.

Ming currently receives a salary of $210,000. Two EEO investigations started over Ming’s alleged behavior against Jews. One was closed without finding a violation; the other remains pending.

Source: https://www.jewishpress.com/news/jewish-news/antisemitism-news/aide-to-brooklyn-district-attorney-accused-of-antisemitic-remarks/2023/08/04/