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NYPD Arrest Man Involved in Antisemitic Vandalism at Brooklyn Yoga Studio

A man suspected of antisemitic vandalism that damaged ‘Hot Hell’ yoga studio in Brooklyn was arrested by police after security camera footage of his rampage was distributed by the authorities.

Bronx resident William Klare was taken into custody on Friday and expected to be indicted on charges of burglary, harassment and criminal trespass, along with additional hate crime charges.

Klare ripped down a mezuzah from a door frame, drew a large swastika on a chalkboard, and wrote a message expressing support for Nazis.

A local Brooklyn man who recognized Klare from the security footage, which was published by the police, called 911. He followed Klare around the neighborhood for about 45 minutes, giving directions to dispatchers over the phone until officers arrested him.

The yoga studio’s owner, Katia Riva, saidt she and her staff “all feel such relief and happiness. We are very glad they got him, it’s great. He’s getting what he deserved.” Riva, who is not Jewish, said that she had received the mezuzah as a gift from a client. She added that because she is from Russia, she initially thought that her national origin was the reason for the vandalism.

“I’m upset, and I feel violated,” she told Gothamist. She added she believed the attack was antisemitic, as she has other religious symbols displayed in the studio that were not touched.

In 2018 Klare was arrested after breaking into a home in Long Island.