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Nazi Swastika Flag Raised by Palestinian Rioters During Unrest on Israel-Gaza Border

Around 6,000 Palestinians rioted on the Israel-Gaza Strip border on Friday, throwing rocks, firebombs and explosive devices at IDF troops.

The soldiers responded with riot-dispersal means. No Israeli casualties were reported. According to the IDF, Palestinian rioters raised a Nazi swastika on the border fence.

Border unrest has been a near-weekly occurrence since the Hamas-orchestrated “Great March of Return” demonstrations began in March 2018.

Earlier this week, a terrorist who infiltrated into southern Israel from Hamas-ruled Gaza wounded three Israeli soldiers before being shot dead.

Source: https://www.algemeiner.com/2019/08/02/nazi-swastika-flag-raised-by-palestinian-rioters-during-unrest-on-israel-gaza-border/?utm_content=news1&utm_medium=weekend_email&utm_campaign=email&utm_source=internal