Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Antisemitic Graffiti Discovered on Atlanta Area Bridge

Graffiti being tagged on locations around Peachtree City, especially on multi-use tunnels and bridges and at parks, is not uncommon. Graffiti found July 18 on the bridge over Ga. Highway 74 North was different.

It was on July 18th at approximately 5 p.m. that an officer was dispatched to the multi-use path bridge over Hwy. 74 in reference to antisemitic graffiti on both entrances to the bridge.

“Upon my arrival, I located the graffiti and covered them with white spray paint. An email was sent to the graffiti address with pictures and the pictures were added to Evidence.com,” the police report said.

That cart path bridge directly serves residents in Wynnmeade, Cedarcroft and Centennial subdivisions in Wilksmoor Village on the city’s northwestern side.