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Far-Right Influencer Dedicates ‘Anti Jew Song’ to White Supremacist Nick Fuentes

Far right social media influencer Hannah Pearl Davis released a song entitled “Why can’t we talk about the Jews?” in dedication to white supremacist Nick Fuentes.

Davis has a YouTube account that has amounted 8,500 videos with 1.63 million followers. On Twitter, she has 265.8 thousand followers. Her content primarily focuses on her own anti-feminist, anti-equality ideology, and praising accused sex trafficker Andrew Tate. 

In the song, Davis can be heard repeating the question “why can’t we talk about the Jews?” and making statements like “I am not saying that Hitler was a good guy, but I kind of want to know why…”

“Now there’s all these conspiracy theories, and the more they talk I think ‘maybe they are right’ but I can’t even listen to the convo… I can’t even have the conversation without getting cancelled by the left and the right.” 

In an interview Davis did with Triggernometry, she defended Nick Fuentes and argued that the self-proclaimed racist is not racist, despite him not believing in romantic couplings of different races and his denial of the Holocaust as a historical event.

As The Jerusalem Post reported on July 18, Fuentes has also made a number of genocidal comments targeting the Jewish community.

Speaking at a rally for America First, founder and white supremacist Nick Fuentes called for a holy war against Jews.

“If a Gentile hits a Jew, he must be killed,” Fuentes said as he began his antisemitic rant. “But, when a Jew murders a Gentile, there will be no death penalty.”

Fuentes founded America First, a far-right organization that has questioned the number of Jews who were killed in the Holocaust and believes that Israel has a malicious influence on US policy.

“Do you think it might be a problem that the people that are running your banks, that are making the movies your children watch… Do you think it’s a problem that they believe that all Christians must die? It’s a big problem. It’s a huge problem,” Fuentes stated. 

Davis’ song is no novelty act. A number of far-right activists have attempted to use music as a pop medium to spread antisemitic ideologies. 

In 2018, UK-based Holocaust denier Alison Chabloz was convicted and sentenced to 20 weeks in prison for antisemitic songs online. 

Chabloz sang and published a number of songs that claimed that there was Jewish control of the world and denied the Holocaust. According to Campaign Against Antisemitism, the lyrics included: “Did the Holocaust ever happen?/Was it just a bunch of lies?/Seems that some intend to pull the wool over our eyes/Eternal wandering liars haven’t got a clue/And when it comes to usury/Victim’s always me and you.” Other songs said Auschwitz was a “proven hoax” and that Jews “Control all your media/Control your books and TV.”

Source: https://www.jpost.com/diaspora/antisemitism/article-752167