Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Cleveland Area Neighborhood Vandalized with Swastika, White Nationalist Stickers


A Berea resident noticed stickers bearing swastikas and white nationalist phrases being placed on numerous stop signs around her neighborhood.

The resident reported the ongoing issue to Berea police July 16, according to a police report.

The resident, who lives on Gibson Street, told officer Richard P. Butler she first noticed the stop sign vandalism around June 1. The stickers read “IT’S OK TO BE WHITE.”


Other residents noticed the stickers and removed them.

On June 7, the stickers re-appeared – this time consisting of swastikas that read “National-Sozialistische-D.A.P.”

A resident put a Black Lives Matter sign at the corner of Gibson and Kraft streets in response to the anti-Semitic and racist vandalism. The Black Lives Matter sign and that stop sign’s sticker were removed by another resident “because she did not want any racial tension in front of her house,” the report said.

The Berea service department and other Berea residents removed the remaining stickers placed on the other stop signs within three days.

The stop signs on both ends of Gibson Street were vandalized again the night of July 15 with “IT’S OKAY TO BE WHITE,” “GOTT MIT UNS” with a swastika and an iron eagle, and a swastika with an iron eagle stickers.

There are no leads at this time regarding who placed the stickers, and the case remains developing, Berea Police Chief Dan Clark told the Cleveland Jewish News on Friday July 24th.