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Pro-Palestinian ‘Monsters’ Get Anti-bias Training Instead of Jail Time for Brutal Attack on Jewish LA Diners

Two Pro-Palestinian individuals who attacked Jews at a Los Angeles restaurant in 2021, leaving one victim hospitalized, will not be going to jail after being sentenced in June, leading activists to blast the ruling as “laughable” and a miscarriage of justice. 

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Laura Priver sentenced Xavier Pabon, 30, and Samer Jayylusi, 36, with a trip to the Holocaust museum and cultural bias training. Priver declined a comment request. 

The caravan of pro-Palestinian activists waving flags drove by Jewish-populated areas in Los Angeles, according to police. Some reports said the individuals in the caravan were yelling, “F–k the Jews” and were asking “Who is Jewish?” before the incident occurred. 

A mob then commenced at LA restaurant Sushi Fumi and began attacking the Jewish patrons, knocking them to the ground, hitting them with a heavy metal pole, and punching and kicking them on the ground, before running off. 

District attorney, George Gascon, charged only two of the attackers – Pabon and Jayylusi – with two felony counts of assault by means of force likely to cause great bodily injury. The charges also include one hate crime allegation in September 2021. 

Gascon’s office told Fox News that it was Judge Priver who was responsible for the sentencing. 

“In a criminal case, if the defense and the prosecution do not reach a plea agreement, the defense has the right to plead open to the court and the court may sentence them over the DA’s objection. In this matter, the defense plead open and was sentenced by the court,” a spokesperson said. 

In June, Judge Priver of the Los Angeles Superior Court sentenced Pabon and Jayylusi to no jail time, stating, “The court does not condone or approve of this type of behavior.”

“The court would like to dissuade them from this type of behavior,” she added, according to Patch. 

“I was furious,” Liora Rez from Stop Antisemitism told Fox News Digital about hearing the sentencing of the perpetrators, whom she called “monsters.”

“What the heck does a Holocaust museum have to do with this?” she asked.

“The thing that really irks me about this is that these are not neo-Nazis that are saying the Holocaust was exaggerated, that the Holocaust didn’t happen… These are two radical pro-Palestinian supporters that are simple search on social media will show just how radical they are.”

The brutal assault by the pro-Palestinian activists occurred in May 2021 as tensions flared in the Middle East, which spilled into hate crime assaults on Jews in America. 

Former mayor Eric Garcetti had characterized the incident as an “organized, antisemitic attack” at the time. 

Another victim, Joseph Borgen, was attacked by a pro-Palestinian mob in Times Square, leading to permanent, and painful, soft-tissue damage in his wrist.