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Vandals Destroy Rhode Island Little League Field with Swastikas and Racial Slurs

The Barrington Little League is asking for the public’s help after one of their facilities at Sherwood Field was broken into and vandalized with antisemitic and racist spray paint on Tuesday.

Aaron Aguiar, president of the Barrington Little League, told ABC 6 News this isn’t the first time their property was defaced.

“Some time during Fourth of July week, we had a port-o-john here and it was continuously knocked over,” Aguiar said.

According to Aguiar, the latest vandalism damaged both the inside and outside of a concession stand, bathrooms, and storage closets at the field.

Photos that Barrington police took at the scene show where the vandals broke in and racial slurs and a swastika written on a wall in white spray paint.

The Little League said their portable PA system was also stolen, and an outdoor water connection was broken off and the water valve was turned on, causing the floor to flood.

The town of Barrington cut down a shrub for better viewing access to the back of the building as the investigation is ongoing,

“They have pruned back a lot and removed at least one that was here so that there is better visibility for police when they patrol at night in general,” Aguiar said. “They can come back here and have access to the back of the building as well and make sure no one is doing anything they shouldn’t be.”

The Barrington Little League also said the community should know their children are safe despite the vandalism.

“First of all, I still think it is very safe. Whatever is happening seems to be happening overnight when no one is here. But I want them to know we take situations like this very seriously and we act promptly on them,” Aguiar said.

Source: https://www.abc6.com/vandals-spray-paint-swastika-racist-language-at-little-league-facility/