Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Hudson Valley Police Searching for Man Who Disrupted Holocaust Educational Event

UPDATE July 23rd: Terence Davis has been arrested and charged in connection with the antisemitic incident; more here.

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A survivor was retelling the horrors of the Holocaust with a message of standing up to hate when it happened.

“At an evening to commemorate and remember the Holocaust and how it should never happen again. Never again! And at the actual event, there are people just spewing hate,” says Rabbi Meir Borenstein.

Police say a man in a red car drove by the event twice spewing hateful obscenities. It’s the latest act of recent hate in the Hudson Valley.

Last month, police arrested a man for allegedly defacing a synagogue with a swastika in Monsey. Newburgh police charged a man the week before in a racist road rage incident caught on video.

Four teens were also booked for allegedly spray-painting antisemitic and racist graffiti under an overpass in Yorktown back in June.

Meir says the end of hate begins with a better understanding of one another.

“Teach them about love, happiness, how we need to tolerate each other, how we need to find room in our hearts to share, to belong to each other,” says Meir.

Village police expect to release security footage to the public soon to help aid in the investigation.