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Gang Squirt Liquid at Jews leaving N.J. synagogue, Hurl Anti-Semitic Comments

Four people in a car used water pistols to spray worshippers outside a Teaneck synagogue last week, then yelled anti-Semitic comments at them, officials said.

The incident, which took place at Young Israel of Teaneck on July 12 at about 8:45 p.m. is being investigated as a “potential bias” attack, Deputy Mayor Elie Katz said on Facebook.

Katz reported that the car, a silver Honda Accord, sped up to the synagogue and the occupants took video of the congregants as well, while shooting water at them as the worshippers left a prayer service, Katz said.

“When asked to stop, they yelled [anti-Semitic] comments,” he said.

On Monday, he Katz said that the Teaneck Police had identified three of the four people in the car and that they were not minors.

“There is an ongoing investigation,” Katz said. “The police will be working with the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office to determine how this should be classified and any relevant charges.”

Teaneck Police Chief Glenn O’Reilly said there were no reported injuries and no other incidents were reported.

Source: https://www.nj.com/news/2019/07/gang-squirts-liquid-at-worshippers-leaving-nj-synagogue-hurls-anti-semitic-comments-official-says.html

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