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“Nazi Pride” Graffiti Found on Beverly Hills Street Corner

Graffiti of a swastika and the words “Nazi Pride” in all capital letters was found on a Beverly Hills street corner on July 14.

Stop Antisemitism posted a photo of the graffiti to Twitter; the graffiti was found on the corner of Gregory Way and S Bedford Street.


American Jewish Committee Los Angeles Regional Director Richard S. Hirschhaut said in a statement to the Journal, “Beyond the sheer vulgarity of such vile graffiti, there is a fundamental cowardice to those who would scrawl a swastika on a sidewalk. Fortunately, just like their impact in Los Angeles, this too is easily erased.”

Stop Antisemitism Executive Director Liora Rez also said in a statement to the Journal, “Just 80 years since the onset of the Holocaust we are forced to see daily reminders of how many still hate us. Until harsher prison sentencing starts happening for offenders of these types of acts, they’re not going to stop.”