Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Nazi Posters Discovered Outside of Toronto, Group Demands End to “Zionist Elite”


Community members are speaking out on social media after photos surfaced showing Neo-Nazi posters in downtown Kitchener, approx. 500 miles outside of Toronto.

The posters have different messages, including “smash white guilt,” “Canada awake,” “break debt slavery,” and “love not hate.” The last of those is particularly ironic, given that each poster has a swastika or anti-semitic imagery.

The website listed on the posters is peppered with Nazi imagery and propaganda, along with a forum for members to post in.

There’s also a manifesto, listing “The Fourteen Points,” which are fourteen demands of the government including combating the ‘Zionist elite’.


In a Facebook post, one community member warned to be careful when taking down Neo-Nazi posters, claiming that some may have razor blades behind them and a local politician speaking out against the posters, and the ideology, is Regional Councillor Tom Galloway. 

“It’s pretty sickening that there are individuals who subscribe to that kind of almost demented philosophy in our society in 2020,” said Galloway in an interview, calling the situation harmful even if it was just one person holding those ideals.