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Israeli Student Stabbed with Screwdriver on Shabbat in Brooklyn

An Israeli student, a member of the Chabad community, was stabbed and lightly injured while walking on a street in the Crown Heights neighborhood of New York City early Saturday morning. The incident is reportedly being investigated by police as a suspected hate crime.

The attack happened at 2 a.m. on Saturday as the man was walking on Union Street toward Troy Avenue, the Crownheights.info website reported, citing a police report.

Two men approached the young man and asked him if he was Jewish; they then stabbed him in the arm with a screwdriver. The student was able to return home and from there called Hatzalah, the Jewish emergency service, which took him to the hospital where he was treated. He later returned home.

In a tweet, Yaacov Behrman, a public relations official for Chabad, said he had spoken with the student “Despite being visibly traumatized, the victim expressed gratitude for not having sustained more severe injuries,” Behrman reported. “This incident is deeply concerning, and we have full confidence in the NYPD’s ability to conduct a thorough investigation and apprehend the perpetrators.”

Source: https://www.timesofisrael.com/israeli-student-stabbed-in-crown-heights-in-suspected-hate-crime/