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Fireworks Thrown at Group of Yeshiva Kids on July 4th in Upstate NY

A pack of fireworks was thrown at a group of yeshiva students in the small hamlet of Round Top in upstate New York on Sunday by unidentified individuals in a car, according to video shared online.

The video, shared on Twitter by the Orthodox Jewish Public Affairs Council (OJPAC), shows a black pickup truck driving by some Orthodox Jews, who OJPAC identifies as hassidic, with fireworks being thrown out its window at them.

According to OJPAC, one of the people in the vehicle allegedly shouted expletives at children.

The yeshiva was identified as the Yeshiva Meor Hatalmud, not affiliated with any particular hassidic sect. OJPAC claims that a representative had informed them that a report was filed to the Greene County Sheriff’s Office.