Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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D.C. Area Woman Protests Circumcision, Posts Antisemitic Yard Signs

A Vienna woman’s neighbors are angry about controversial signs posted in her front yard. Not only do some find the signs to be offensive, but they also say they’re antisemitic too.

The signs say things like, “circumcision is a mark of sin” and “Jesus was not circumcised for a reason.” Some signs mention Hitler and includes an antisemitic remarks.

The woman responsible for them, Bonnie Brown, said she put the signs in her yard because she believes “circumcision is the greatest atrocity of the past couple generations.”

Asked whether she’d consider taking the signs down given how many people find them to be offensive, Brown replied, “no I believe everybody has their church or their synagogue or their mosque that they go to that has their person that speaks for them, and since I have found all these places to be false religions, nobody is speaking for me, and so this is my refuge. This is uncircumcised territory to protect me and my family from what I believe to be sorcery that’s being practiced.”

Fairfax County Police said they’ve received numerous calls about the signs, but that they don’t break any laws. A police spokesperson also said the department reached out to code compliance to have them weigh-in, adding that compliance officials confirmed the signs are in line with local regulations.

It leaves neighbors with few options, regardless of how offensive they find Brown’s signs to be.