Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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White Supremacist ‘Goyim Defense League’ Strikes Cape Cod Area

Antisemitic flyers were thrown on the side of the road in Chatham July 5th, the local police department said. The group – Goyim Defense League (GDL) – behind the flyers are known to authorities and advocacy groups; the watchdog StopAntisemitism documented in a thread many of their stunts over the past four years.

The flyers were similar to those distributed in other states, the Chatham Police Department said in a release Tuesday and were found alongside the road on Stage Harbor Road and Bridge Street, police said. They were inside plastic baggies with rocks for weight. They also appear to be randomly dropped or thrown from a vehicle, the police department stated, meaning there was no specific target.

“The Chatham Police Department takes these types of incidents seriously and will exhaust all resources to identify those responsible,” the police department said.

Robert Leikind, the New England regional director for the American Jewish Committee, thanks authorities and stated “We have seen more of these disturbing incidents like this across the country. The cowards who litter their vile messages in places like Chatham deserve an audience of none,” Leikind said. “We appreciate local authorities for paying proper attention to this incident. Massachusetts will always be a place to reject hate and stand up to antisemitism.”

The police department asked anyone with information or cameras, such as Ring or Nest cams, to contact Sergeant Louis Malzone at [email protected].