Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Two Idaho Women Taken into Custody over Anti-Jewish Attack in Eatery

Two Boise women have been arrested after they yelled antisemitic comments at a man dining at a downtown Boise restaurant.

28-year-old- Hannah Tucker and 38-year-old Crystal Grosenbach were both arrested on Thursday night. Boise Police say the two women approached a man, who was wearing a Yamaka, and a woman who was sitting on the patio of a restaurant and started yelling antisemitic comments at the man.

The man got into a verbal argument with Tucker and Grosenbach before the two women walked away only to return a short while later and continue to yell at the man.

Police say the man got up and both Tucker and Grosenbach walked up to the man, Tucker stuck her phone in his face making contact with the man’s nose. Others began to intervene and argue with the two women as the man returned to his seat.

Both women were booked into the Ada County Jail.