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“White Power”, Racist Graffiti Found on Car Dealership Billboard


A Fenton Family Dealerships billboard in Temple has been taken down after it was spray-painted with racist words and antisemitic imagery.

The sign, which was posted on the westbound lane of Route 101, had been spray-painted with a swastika, the words “white power” and the n-word.

Donovan Fenton of Fenton Family Dealerships said the business was made aware of the graffiti Friday and the billboard was down by Saturday morning. “It’s disgusting,” Fenton, who is also a N.H. representative, said Saturday afternoon. “It’s really unfortunate that someone wants to propagate hate like this.”

Temple-Greenville Police Chief James McTague said a roughly one-mile stretch of Route 101 roadway was sprayed with racist graffiti. The billboard was the only piece of private property damaged in the incident, he said.

McTague said citizens took it upon themselves to cover the graffiti.