Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Canadian Building Tagged with Antisemitic, Anti Black Graffiti and Swastikas

A building in Hanmer has been vandalized with hate speech and symbols, a concerned Sudburian posted to Facebook today.  The building, located at 6160 Regional Road 80 in Hanmer, has spray paint on the windows, with swastikas, as well as antisemitic and anti-Black hate speech. 

Danica LaRocque O’Brien snapped photos of the graffiti on her way to work, and told Sudbury.com she was disgusted by what she saw, noting that she wished she had the time to stop and paint over the graffiti. 

In the comment thread under her post, many Sudburians expressed similar sentiments.

Greater Sudbury Police have been notified about the graffiti. 

In April of last year, another hate-based graffiti appeared, as residents of the neighbourhood surrounding Redwood Acres Public School were dismayed to find hate symbols and graffiti painted onto the school, as well as several cars and street signs in the area. The graffiti was removed before the students saw it, thanks to facilities staff, and anyone with knowledge of the incident was asked to contact police. 

Source: https://www.sudbury.com/police/anti-semitic-and-anti-black-graffiti-left-on-building-in-hanmer-7219552