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Jewish Cemetery in Canada Vandalized

A Jewish community in Winnipeg is looking for justice after dozens of headstones were toppled in its cemetery.

Ran Ukashi, the executive director of the Congregation Shaarey Zedek, told CTV News cemetery staff arrived Wednesday morning to find about 70 headstones had been knocked over.

He said the vandalism was immediately reported to police and headstones have since been reset. He said there doesn’t appear to be significant damage to the head stones, based on a preliminary examination.

“The sort of greater injury has to do with the fact that it was a desecration of a very sacred space for the Jewish community and also for the broader community, and an insult to both the living and the dead in the way that was desecrated,” Ukashi said.

He said the community is now looking for answers as to why the cemetery was vandalized.

“The first sort of impulse in the Jewish community is was this a form of anti-Jewish prejudice, was it anti-Semitic motivation, or was it mere mischief,” he said. “We don’t know, regardless we hope that they apprehend whoever is behind this and we can learn more about the motivations after the fact.”

The Winnipeg Police Service confirmed it is aware of the incident and is investigating. Ukashi is asking anyone in the area who may have seen something or has any information about the vandalism to contact the police or the synagogue.