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Another Montreal Kosher Eatery Set Ablaze

Another attempted arson has taken place at a St. Laurent Jewish establishment at around 1:45 a.m. Monday in the St. Louis shopping centre in St. Laurent, the same locale as Chez Benny Express, which was attacked June 14. Federation CJA had sent out a communique raising the possibly that the Chez Benny attack was a hate crime.

The store attacked this time is the Montreal Kosher Bakery. According to reports, the Montreal police arson squad is looking into the latest incident. This time, a window was broken and firefighters discovered what could be an incendiary device.

Police spokesman Jean-Pierre Brabant told the media that the only damage in this latest incident was a broken window, and that the attack on Chez Benny is still being treated as arson and not a hate crime despite the proximity of the two kosher establishments. Brabant added that there was no graffiti or messages indicating anti-Semitism.

Brabant told The Suburban later Monday morning that a small fire had started, but was quickly brought under control by the fire department. He said the investigation is ongoing.

“We are appalled to see Montreal Kosher Bakery, an important business in our community, become the latest victim of a potential hate crime,” says a tweet by B’nai Brith Canada. “We will continue to stay in touch with the police on this matter and encourage everyone to stay vigilant.”