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Anti-Semitic Vandalism Reported on La Jolla Mesa, Reward Offered

In an act of anti-Semitic vandalism, four highly visible, large swastikas were painted in various locations along La Jolla Mesa Drive in white paint the morning of Wednesday, June 26, between Skylark and Lamplight drives. Two were on the exterior walls of houses facing La Jolla Mesa Drive, one was on the sidewalk and one was on a City “Road Construction Ahead” diamond.

All four were quickly painted over or otherwise removed by the City of San Diego.

Several residents reported the graffiti to the La Jolla Light, calling it “terrible” and “an unpleasant thing to wake up to.”

It is not known at this time whether the locations were specifically chosen, or whether they were random. This story will be updated as details become available.

In the hours that followed, the Anti Defamation League of San Diego announced it is offering a $2,500 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for the graffiti.

“In the wake of this abhorrent crime, we’ve been inspired by the overwhelmingly positive and supportive response from law enforcement and the community,” said Tammy Gillies, ADL San Diego Regional Director. “We are confident that those responsible for the hateful vandalism will be brought to justice, and we hope that by offering this reward, someone with critical information for investigators will be motivated to speak out.”

Anyone with information relating to these crimes is encouraged to call the San Diego Police Department at (858) 552-1700.

Source: https://www.lajollalight.com/news/story/2019-06-26/anti-semitic-vandalism-la-jolla-mesa

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