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New Gelato Eatery in Toronto Targeted for being Israeli

A new gelato business, celebrating opening its first shop in Toronto, is being targeted with negative reviews and calls to boycott the business because it is from Israel.

Solato, a gelato company from Israel opened in Stackt just a few days ago, and shortly after a story was posted to blogTO, a negative review campaign started.

The brand started in Israel in Tel Aviv and Ma’alot, and has another location in Canada in Montreal. They serve made-to-order gelato using eco-friendly capsules.

Shortly after the blogTO story was posted there were calls to give the new business negative reviews on Google and boycott it.

“Go on their Google reviews and put 1 star,” wrote one person on Twitter followed by #FreePalestine and #BoycottIsrael.

Solato did not immediately respond to a call for comment. As soon as the negative reviews went up so too did those supporting the new gelato spot.

Incidents of antisemitic hate have been on the rise following the Israeli–Palestinian conflict this spring.