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Neo-Nazis Terrorize Jewish Community by Brandishing Swastika Flags Outside Georgia Synagogue

A neo-Nazi group gathered outside a synagogue in Georgia and brandished swastikas during its Shabbat service on Saturday.

Shocking pictures and videos showed around a dozen people waving the hate symbols outside the Chabad of Cobb synagogue in East Cobb, the non-profit Stop Antisemitism reported.

Jon Minadeo II, leader of the so-called Goyim Defense League, was arrested for disorderly conduct and public disturbance the day before at a synagogue in Macon, Georgia, local station WMAZ reported.

Members of Chabad of Cobb told WMAZ that the neo-Nazis were out there for a few hours. Videos posted online showed the group holding swastika flags and signs that read: “Every Single Aspect of Abortion is Jewish” as local residents could be heard shouting at them to “go home”.

Officers from the Cobb Police Department responded to the scene but did not dispel the rally. Freedom of speech, even hate speech, is generally protected by the First Amendment of the US Constitution — although true threats and harassment are not. Officers stood between the two groups.

Law enforcement has not issued any public statements addressing the incident on Saturday but Chabad of Cobb’s leaders said that the police department is working with them to ensure the safety of everyone at the synagogue.

“This was the most frightening thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life,” Stewart Levy, who attends Chabad of Cobb, told WMAZ.

“I am shocked, absolutely shocked to see this here. When I see the amount of ignorance out there and some of the truths that they are promoting, it is just frightening the level of inaccurate knowledge that there is.”

Jennifer Caron Derrick, who does not attend the synagogue but lives in East Cobb, said she didn’t believe any of the neo-Nazis were local residents.