Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Anti-Jewish Propaganda Littered Around Southern California Beaches

A plastic baggie containing an antisemitic flyer was found on the lawn of a man in Redondo Beach Monday morning.

Dr. Andrew Lesser was taking his trash out when he noticed the bag on the ground. The flyer mentions a short film that pushes dangerous antisemitic theories such as “Jews control the banks” and “Jews control the media.” The flyers were tossed by members of the National Justice Party.

“It’s just nauseating … It’s people who are unhappy with their own lives and they want to blame somebody else. Some other race, some religion, and they’re just sick people. But they can be dangerous,” Lesser said. 

The flyer found near the intersection of South Gertruda Avenue and Pearl Street was similar to those recently left in Redlands and Huntington Beach, although it was unclear if there was any connection.

Lesser called Redondo Beach police to report the incident.

In a news release Monday, Redondo Beach police indicated that officers have responded to similar incidents in the last few months, but it is unknown if they are related.

Source: https://ktla.com/news/local-news/antisemitic-flyer-tossed-onto-lawn-in-redondo-beach/