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Orthodox School in Australia Vandalized with ‘Free Palestine’ Graffiti

An ultra-Orthodox Jewish school in the city of Melbourne was defaced with graffiti on Friday, prompting outrage from the Anti-Defamation Commission (ADC), an Australian civil rights organization.

Parents discovered the graffiti when dropping their children off at Cheder Levi Yitzchok school, where they found the call ‘Free Palestine” sprayed on the school’s driveway.

Parents reported the graffiti to the ADC, who then proceeded to inform the Port Philip City Council in order to have it removed from the driveway.

The ADC also reported the graffiti to the Victoria police.

“What is happening here in Melbourne? Let’s be clear: to attack a Jewish institution in order to express a hatred against the state Israel is antisemitism pure and simple, and these extremists have torn up the rule book of decency and are now targeting Jewish schools with their vicious propaganda and calls to destroy Israel. Their desire to threaten the Jewish community and sow fear knows no bounds and this is a matter of grave concern. Incitement can lead to violence,” said Chairman of the ADC Dvir Abramovich in response to the graffiti.

“To defile a place where children play and learn is beyond words and beyond contempt and it is not a surprise that parents would be very concerned about the safety of their children. This is not what Australia is about and I call on the government and all elected leaders to condemn this ugly act and to declare that such intimidation will not be tolerated. I hope that those cowards who committed this sickening outrage are identified and prosecuted to the full extent of the law,” Abramovich added.

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