Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Elderly Jewish Man Spat On in New York by Antisemitic Vandal

An elderly Jewish man was subjected to an antisemitic attack in New York City on Sunday. 

The incident, which was captured on video and posted to social media by the StopAntisemitism movement, involved a vandal tearing down posters of hostages held by Hamas while shouting “Free Palestine.”

The 74-year-old victim confronted the aggressor, telling him to “get the hell away from me.” 

A bystander quickly intervened, extending his arm to shield the elderly man. Despite the intervention, the aggressor spat at the victim, prompting immediate condemnation from other bystanders who demanded he leave the scene. 

One bystander threatened to call the police.

Amid the confrontation, the aggressor retreated while continuing to shout “Free Palestine.” Another bystander challenged him, asking, “How do you free Palestine right now? All you’re doing is harassing people.”

The presence and actions of multiple bystanders who defended the elderly man ultimately led the aggressor to leave the area.