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Man Arrested Over Antisemitic Assault in Portland

A Portland man has been arrested after allegedly assaulting staff working at a steakhouse-strip club. Prosecutors state the man shouted “white power,” racial slurs, and antisemitic slurs as he punched staff and smashed windows.

According to court documents, Justin Anthony Gates, 32, was asked to leave Acropolis on May 28 after he shouted several antisemitic slurs and used the n-word while in the club.

When the security guard asked him to leave, Gates allegedly punched him repeatedly in the face, fracturing his orbital bone and causing the victim to require surgery. Gates also punched the strip club manager in the throat, continued to shout “white power,” made white nationalist hand gestures, and shouted several other slurs.

Prosecutors allege Gates knew the security guard was Jewish and yelled antisemitic abuse specifically at him.

Gates is also reported to have smashed the plate glass takeout food window in the back of the restaurant and continued to shout profanity as he was arrested.

Officers said they found a background picture of Adolf Hitler on Gates’s cell phone after they confiscated it.

According to prosecutors, Gates has eight prior convictions in Clackamas and Multnomah Counties dating back to 2010.

Gates was arraigned on May 30 and released from jail the following day after posting $400, or the required 10% of $4,000 bail.

However, prosecutors added a bias crime to the list of his charges and requested a bail hearing Wednesday afternoon, arguing he was a threat to the community and should not be released. According to jail and court records, he is now detained once again and being held without bail.

He is currently charged with criminal mischief, three counts of assault, harassment, burglary and a bias crime. He pleaded not guilty to the charges with his next hearing set for July 31.

Source: https://13wham.com/news/nation-world/prosecutors-suspect-shouted-white-power-while-attacking-strip-club-steakhouse-staff-portland-oregon-acropolis-anti-semitic-slurs-jewish-adolf-hitler