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Antisemitic White Supremacist Flyers Vilifying Jews Found in Cincinnati

A woman out walking her dog Wednesday in Hyde Park says she found antisemitic pamphlets.

Alexandra Carpenter says at; first, she thought the baggy was some trash, but it was actually one of the most disturbing pamphlets she’s seen.

“I picked it up and looked at it, and it was some very disturbing antisemitic pamphlets,” Carpenter explains.

The first of the two pamphlets Carpenter says featured pictures of Disney executives with a caption that reads, “Every single aspect of Disney child grooming is Jewish.”

Carpenter says the second pamphlet accused Jews of performing sexual acts on babies.

NGO StopAntisemitism has attributed the hateful flyer to the white supremacist group, the Goyim Defense League. Jon Minadeo II leads the group. The members travel the nation spreading antisemitic flyers and intimidating Jewish communities.

“It isn’t the first time we’ve seen these go around the area,” said Jewish Community Relations Council Rabbi Ari Ballaban. “This particular flyer that was shared this time, I’ve seen this exact flyer before.”

Ballaban says these pamphlets are inaccurate and hurtful to the Jewish community.

“Unfortunately, in the state of Ohio, which includes Cincinnati and this area, there are a number of different hate groups,” Ballaban claims. “We don’t know who in particular is responsible for this one, but there are real people who believe this stuff, and they want to get the word out, so to speak, about their different types of bigotry, and in this case, it happens to be antisemitism.”

Rabbi Ballaban says the mission of the JCRC is to protect Jewish security, recognizing that Jewish security depends on a just society for all.

He says many hate groups believe spreading these antisemitic messages is funny; they don’t understand the pain it brings the Jewish community.

Source: https://www.fox19.com/2023/06/15/anti-semitic-pamphlets-found-during-walk-hyde-park-woman-says/