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Female London Bus Passenger Targeted in Vicious Antisemitic Verbal Attack

Footage of a disturbing verbal antisemitic attack in London was posted on Monday by StopAntisemitism, a nonprofit monitoring antisemitic hate crimes across the world.

“F*** Jewish… F*** Jews, F*** Jews,” a white man wearing a plaid, hoodless cardigan can be seen saying while giving the middle finger to his female victim, who recorded the encounter and contacted StopAntisemitism. The NGO shared the encounter on its social media pages.

The incident occurred late afternoon on Saturday on a bus headed toward the Smithfield district of London. London’s Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) is searching for the perpetrator and has not yet made an arrest.

“Antisemitism is alive and well, 2023,” the victim says as the man, who continues shouting antisemitic statements, walks away.

“I can’t believe this is happening in 2023,” StopAntisemitism CEO Liora Rez told The Algemeiner on Monday during an interview, adding that the man approached the young woman after hearing her converse in Hebrew with another friend. “In a city like London, I would expect at least one person to turn their head and flinch. Thankfully, the victim contacted us right away, the incident is getting the proper attention, and the police are investigating. Hopefully, he is arrested and properly charged.”

Jewish Londoners have continuously faced an onslaught of antisemitic harassment. There have been 211 antisemitic hate crimes in London so far in 2023, according to data reported by MPS. Members of the city’s Orthodox Jewish community, one of the largest in Europe, were victims in a substantial portion of the 3,280 antisemitic hate crimes that MPS has recorded since 2018. 853 were tallied in 2021 alone.

Source: https://www.algemeiner.com/2023/06/12/london-antisemite-unleashes-vicious-verbal-attack-on-female-riding-bus/