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White Supremacist In California Prepares For ‘Race War,’ Says He Wants Revenge On Jews

Antisemitic Online Incitement – Account Review: White Supremacist Apparently In California Prepares For ‘Race War,’ Says He Wants Revenge On Jews And Jewish Blood, Dedicates Himself To Killing Those Who Corrupted The U.S.

The following information is based on a general overview of a social media account demonstrating suspicious/potentially dangerous activity in relation to white supremacy.

Platform: Gab

Account name(s): Free Dom @freedom_from_banning

Statistics: 725 followers, of which 292 he follows in return. He posts regularly, multiple times a day. He has been active since November 2018.

General Account Information:

Content posted on Free Dom’s Gab account suggests that this individual is a white supremacist living in California, who is preparing for what he believes to be an imminent “Race War.” On 6/10, he wrote: “Fuck, I am not going to die in this communist state, without having served my race.” Repeatedly, he expresses the desire for a global cleansing of the Jewish people at the hands of white men. He believes that a racial war is imminent and expressed his readiness and desire to die for his “race,” stating in one post that he wants “revenge on the Jew […] I want revenge. I want blood all over me.” In a post written on June 4, 2019 he expresses his dedication to “killing the people responsible” for what he believes to be the corruption of U.S. society, including specifically the federal government: “We were born into a system controlled by animals, fed lies […] I dedicate my life to the un-telling of these lies, the liberation of your quivering and inquisitive minds, and to killing the people responsible.”

He reports that he is armed and trains regularly, including with firearms, and expresses his desire to “cleanse the world” of Jews (whom he calls “kikes”). On several occasions he called on other “white men” to begin physical and weapons training for the imminent “Race War.” He has written three times about real-world confrontations with people and expressed that he was prepared to kill them. In one post he wrote “That’s a lot of kikes. DEATH TO THE LEFT,” commenting on a post listing the names of media personalities. The content shared on his profile suggest that he is isolated and possibly psychologically unstable.

His social media activity has likely included Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Free Dom wrote that he has been banned from YouTube and Facebook. His first post on Gab, on November 2018 – after the October 2019 Tree of Life synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh, PA, notes his recent suspension from Gab and that he could only complain about it on Twitter.

According to the information he shared about himself, Free Dom is a 58- or 59-year-old white male currently residing in California. He owns a P226 SIG Sauer and a 1911 pistol. His content suggests that he may have a concealed carry permit. Free Dom is a divorcee and has written multiple times that he only has “two friends in the world.” In April, he stated that he is prepared to cut them loose and possibly leave “the Western World.” He claims he works at a start-up in California and that he has worked at multiple start-ups in the past. He says that he is a veteran with two American flag tattoos and that he “bled for his country.” He stated in one post that his father was KIA in 1973.

A great number of Free Dom’s posts discuss his training regimen for weapons handling and fitness, both outdoors (in secluded areas such as climbing hills/mountains) and at the gym.

The two accounts that he publicly interacts with the most on Gab are ClownWorks, inc. @Creepella and Nick Conklin @NickConklin.

Ideological Content:

Free Dom’s posts express violent tendencies based on white racial supremacy. The primary focus of his hatred appears to be directed toward Jews. He also expressed his hatred for black people, women, LGBT, Muslims, the media, the United States etc. In January 2019 he wrote, “I hate EVERY nigger, Jew, faggot, 30+ childless woman in the West. EVERY.” Free Dom despises the United States because he believes that Jews manipulated the US and Europe into killing his “innocent German Brothers.”

Screenshots And Excerpts

On June 10, 2019, Free Dom endorsed killing everyone on a list of journalists he calls “a lot of kikes”:

On June 10, Free Dom discussed an encounter he had while training on a mountain, in which he is prepared to kill the man talking to him. At the end he expresses his desire to “serve his race” before he dies.

On June 8, Free Dom discussed his hatred of Jews, Muslims, feminists, and Israel, and his desire to seek violent revenge. He stated that he wants “revenge against the Jew.”

Last week, on June 4, 2019, Free Dom explained why he “curse[s] my nation, and now despise[s] it”:

In April 2019, he discussed his isolation and provided a “list of what I care about” that included “My Race,” “My Gender,” “The Destruction of Israel,” and “The Destruction of Every Leftist on Earth (by fire, as it may be the most painful way to die)” as well as “Protecting the Few Decent, White, Thin, Married, Women with Children that Remain In the West” as well as his “Health and … Ability to Fight and KILL The Enemy” and “My Net Worth”:

Source: https://www.memri.org/reports/antisemitic-online-incitement-%E2%80%93-account-review-white-supremacist-apparently-california

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