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Threat On 8chan Against Local Jewish Political Candidate In Seattle, Washington

An anonymous June 10, 2019 post on 8chan headlined with the name of a Jewish candidate for the Seattle, Washington city council included a photo of the individual and family, noted that the author of the post lived on the candidate’s street, and concluded by asking what action should be taken against the individual.

This is another example of the direct threats against public figures that are being posted on 8chan (see also MEMRI Special Dispatch No. 8104 Direct Incitement To Terrorism On 8chan – Including Specific Naming Of A Jewish Journalist For Targeting, June 4, 2019).

The post read: “This fucker is running for Seattle city council [The individual] lives on my street, and has an isreali flag hanging out front. What is the move?”

Comments On The Post 

The comments on the post so far include violent calls to action in addition to nonviolent content.

Incitement And Violent Calls To Action 

The violent and anti-Jewish comments are aimed at Jews in general, but are also aimed directly at the individual and the individual’s family, including a direct call to kill the individual:

“Kill [the individual]. Literally kill [the individual]. Burn the flag along with [the individual], dead or alive. There is no victory without violence. Killing your enemies always benefits you. When you kill, you win.”

“The grin of that kikelet on the left [referring to a small child]. [The child] literally looks like a anti-semitic caricature.”

“I think there’s a mod in Minecraft that allows you to craft and use Molotovs. They make quick work of wooden houses and hidey-holes, especially if there are creepers inside.”

“Jews are the most fucking cancerous trash on this planet and anyone who defends them is just as trash”

The first comment on the post stated “/pol/ is a board of peace” and included an image warning about the CIA, terming it “a bunch of niggers”

Other posts advise the author of the original post on possible nonviolent actions to take, such as to run for Seattle city council against the individual:

“Run for Seattle city council and fly a Palestinian flag”

“Don’t do this btw. Actually run against the faggot and reverse mirror [the individual’s] entire platform. If you don’t run for office against [the individual], you need to leave here and never come back.”

References to Minecraft are commonly used on 8chan to describe possible violent actions in real life. These references also appear in the manifesto of the Poway, California synagogue shooter John T. Earnest; in it, he provided advice for anyone deciding to carry out similar attacks. For more on Earnest, see MEMRI Inquiry and Analysis No. 1454, The Anti-Jewish Manifesto Of John T. Earnest, The San Diego Synagogue Shooter, May 15, 2019.

Source: https://www.memri.org/reports/threat-8chan-against-local-jewish-political-candidate-seattle-washington

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